Framework7 doesn’t use any third party library, even for DOM manipulation. It has its own custom DOM7 – DOM library that utilizes most edge and high-performance methods for DOM manipulation. You don’t need to learn something new, its usage is very simple because it has the same syntax as well known jQuery library with support of the most popular and widely used methods and jQuery-like chaining.


To start use it there is a Dom7 global window function, but we recommend to assign it to some local variable with more handy name, like $$

官方提供有一个 Dom7 的全局变量,为了方便使用,我们用 $$ 存储到局部变量中。。

//Export DOM7 to local variable to make it easy accessable

var $$ = Dom7;

然后呢就列举了一大堆 Dom7的方法,使用和juqery/zepto是一模一样的。然后踩坑开始了。



$$(‘.toolbar-inner a’).on(‘click’,function(){



// $$(this).siblings().removeClass(‘active’);   注意这里并不支持 siblings()方法








最后做了一个小 demo:





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